Project 5GCroCo still on the rise!

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5GCroCo –

5G Cross Border Control

The ability to provide connected, cooperative and autonomous mobility (CCAM) services in different countries, with vehicles crossing different national borders, has enormous innovative business potential. However, providing seamless connectivity and uninterrupted service delivery along borders also poses interesting technical challenges. This is precisely what the project has been addressing since 2018.
The consortium, consisting of representatives from the European automotive and mobile industry, is trying to provide and define CCAM services along cross-border scenarios. In addition, uncertainties regarding 5G are to be reduced.
In this course, a demo day was held on October 21, 2021. Three applications were demonstrated at the event: Teleoperated Driving, HD Mapping and Anticipated Cooperative Avoidance (ACCA).

Teleoperated driving:
Teleoperated driving as the key to the development of driverless vehicles that are controlled and monitored remotely from a single control center.

HD Mapping:
HD Mapping allows vehicles to keep an HD card always up to date using 5G cellular network.

5G-enabled ACCA technology will allow any event on the road, such as a traffic jam, to be relayed to surrounding vehicles. As a result, progressive braking and smoother and more consistent vehicle responses will be elicited.

In addition to the big demo day, the project was also allowed to present itself at the Mobile World Capital Congress 2022 in Barcelona. The congress is one of the largest mobile communications events in the world. The presentation “Paving the way for 5G connectivity in Europe” can be followed here.

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