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23 June 2023, Merzig

Over the past 3 years, the project team from the FlowPro research project has been researching an artificial intelligence-based logistics network that organizes itself. At the end of the project, the research results were demonstrated at Holzhauer KG in Merzig in a real context with all autonomous components and presented by the project partners.

Figure 1: Opening of the event by Emqopter. Photo: htw saar
Figure 2: autonomous drone from Emqopter. Photo: htw saar

The developed logistcs network enables the micromobility of goods in industrial parks and optimizes intralogistics across companies by land and air.
This optimization means that waiting times due to small quantities can be dispensed with and emergency deliveries can be handled far more quickly than by conventional means. Each individual project partner developed a part of the decentralized logistics system:

The Würzburg-Schweinfurt University of Applied Sciences pursued two main goals in the project: The development of a self-organized AI system, which realizes an automatic, adaptive bidding process in the logistics system as well as the design of a continuous evaluation and feedback circle around the topic of IT security for a secure end-to-end integration into the overall project.
Flexus AG designed and developed the connection to the ERP system with a focus on SAP.
The FGVT of the Saarland University of Applied Sciences developed a communication architecture to realize the data exchange and the AI-based decentralized logistics system as a basis.

Figure 3: The 5G module developed by htw Saar. Photo: Emqopter

ASTI Mobile Robotics has integrated an AGV (Autonomous Guided Vehicle) into the FlowPro system.

Figure 4: The AGV from ASTI Mobile Robotics during the demonstration at Holzhauer. Photo: htw saar

Siemens AG developed and integrated a transaction platform for complex, decentralized self-organizing, heterogeneous IoT ecosystems. In addition, it contributed to a VDA 5050 open source library for the standardized control of mobile transport systems. This is available here.

Emqopter GmbH developed and integrated a multicopter platform that is simultaneously able to locate and navigate itself inside and outside a hall. By means of a patent-pending doorfinder sensor system on board, the drone here finds the opening for entry and exit in the intended gate fully autonomously. For automated transfer of the transported goods, the copter is also equipped with a deposit mechanism so that no intervention is required during unloading.

Figure 5: The autonomous delivery drone from Emqopter during the demonstration at Holzhauer. The package that the drone has just delivered can be seen on the floor. Photo: htw saar

As a follow-up to the project, all partners will continue to research the technologies developed and exploit them in innovative products.
Furthermore, the results from FlowPro are to be further deepened and expanded by the project partners in a follow-up project in order to realize further steps into the future of logistics.

The project was funded by the Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport (BMDV) within the framework of the mFUND funding guideline with around 2.2 million euros.

Further information on the project page.

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