AKTIV-VM (2006-2010)


AKTIV is short for “Adaptive and Cooperative Technologies for Intelligent Transport”. This German research initiative involves 29 partners – automobile manufacturers and suppliers, electronics, telecommunications and software companies, as well as research institutes.

With the aim of making the traffic of the future safer and more fluid, the partners are jointly developing new driver assistance systems, information technologies and solutions for efficient traffic management and vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication in a four-year research project.

AKTIV consists of 3 sub-projects:

  • Traffic Management
  • Active Safety
  • Cooperative Cars


For the road traffic of the future, we need new driver assistance and traffic management systems,

  • which increase safety for all road users,
  • which relieve the driver and bring him efficiently to his destination,
  • which avoid traffic jams and make better use of the roads,
  • which make economic and ecological sense and are legally secured
  • which are accepted by the companies and the user.

Within the overall initiative AKTIV, the sub-project AKTIV-AS (Active Safety) promotes developments with a clear focus on safety-relevant applications. At the same time, the sub-project AKTIV-VM (Traffic Management) concentrates on technologies that contribute to increasing the efficiency of the road network. In the sub-project CoCar the suitability of cellular mobile radio technologies for cooperative vehicle applications (C2C and C2I) is investigated.

All projects together give an outlook on how intelligent vehicles, and thus also traffic systems, could look like in the future. The planned combination of research and practical testing in AKTIV will make a significant contribution to securing mobility and maintaining Germany as a technology location.

AKTIV partners

In the three sub-projects of AKTIV, 29 partners from the automotive, supplier, electronics and telecommunications industries as well as software companies and research institutes cooperate. In addition, numerous universities and research institutes as well as small and medium-sized enterprises are involved as subcontractors.

Contribution FGVT

FGVT is involved in the AKTIV-VM project:

FGVT  is responsible for the specification of a Road Side Unit (RSU) for communication with passing vehicles (frontend communication) and connected service and control centers (backend communication). Frontend communication is based on existing and future standards, in particular IEEE 802.11p and IEEE P1609.

In addition, FGVT is responsible for the setup and operation of the RSU demonstrator systems and test vehicles in the test field.

Project duration

01.09.2006 bis 31.12.2010

Project partner

Adam Opel GmbH, BMW AG, DDG – Gesellschaft für Verkehrsdaten mbH, Ford Forschungszentrum Aachen GmbH, Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft des Saarlandes (HTW), IBEO Automobile Sensor GmbH, Institut für Automation und Kommunikation e.V. Magdeburg (ifak), MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG, PTV AG, Robert Bosch GmbH, Siemens AG, Siemens VDO Automotive AG, Technische Universität München, Teleatlas Deutschland GmbH, Transver GmbH, Universität Hannover, Universität Kassel, Verkehrszentrale Hessen (VZH), Volkswagen AG. Als Unterauftragnehmer arbeiten außerdem zahlreiche Universitäts- und Forschungsinstitute sowie kleinere und mittelständische Unternehmen.

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