The FGVT generally deals with the use of information and communication systems in vehicles. As a member of the respective working groups of ETSI-ITS and the so-called Car to Car Communication Consortium (C2C-CC), the research group is mainly concerned with the use of telematic systems to increase traffic safety and traffic efficiency. For this purpose, extensive projects such as simTD, CONVERGE and others have already been realized in the past in cooperation with renowned research institutions and automobile manufacturers.

In addition to its competence in communications concepts in the fields of ITS, electric mobility and automated driving, the research group is distinguished above all by its transport and business expertise. Current projects and research efforts extend these to socio- and techno-economic, psychological and energy-economic aspects, so that transdisciplinarity and the ability to coordinate cross-sectional projects have become the strengths of the research group.

The FGVT has many years of experience in acquiring and managing German and EU funded research projects.


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