Parliament member Oliver Luksic visits ITeM

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© Andreas Schlichter

Merzig, 2 June 2021

Oliver Luksic, a member of the German Parliament for Saarland (Free Democratic Party), visited ITS-Testfield ITeM in Merzig on June, 2nd. First, ITS-Research Group (FGVT) presented him Mobility 4.0 (digitalization and automatization in transport) and intelligent transportation projects in Merzig. During the following demonstration, Luksic could experience the functions of connected driving in everyday traffic, for example, Wrong-Way Driver Detection and Warning, Emergency Electronic Brake Light, and Emergency Vehicle Alert. FGVT showed also integrated and mobile Roadside ITS-Stations, Vehicle ITS-Stations, and pedestrian detection.

More information about ITS-Testfield ITeM, components of ITS infrastructure, and connected driving applications can be found on the ITeM website.