Visiting short-term road works sites in Hesse

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Rüsselsheim/Usingen, October 2020

In October, MOSAik:D project partners from ITS Research Group (FGVT) of the Saarland University of Applied Sciences – htw saar, the University of Applied Sciences FH Erfurt (transport research), and Hessen Mobil (Road operator) visited several short-term (during one day or night) road works sites in the areas of Rüsselsheim and Usingen Road maintenance depots, Hesse. MOSAik:D project’s primary focus is the safety of the maintenance personnel in such work zones.  

from left to right: Dennis Müller (AM Rüsselsheim), Torben Schenkel, Marcus Hirschberger (both Hessen Mobil), Maximilian Lange (FH Erfurt), Daniel Rau (htw saar)

The aim of the visits was, on the one hand, to get an exact overview of the work processes, both on motorways (Autobahn)  and subordinate road networks (federal state and district roads), in order to identify dangerous situations. On the other hand, a direct dialogue with road workers provided an opportunity to get their subjective perception of different dangerous situations.

The evaluations obtained from those people who work day after day at construction sites on various roads proved to be especially valuable. Based on their experiences and assessments, certain concepts were reviewed, so that the practicability of a later solution has been significantly improved.

FGVT would like to thank all employees of Rüsselsheim and Usingen Road maintenance depots (Autobahnmeisterei Rüsselsheim and Straßenmeisterei Usingen, respectively) for the smooth and fruitful cooperation.

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