Start of the EU research project 5GCroCo

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Saarbrücken, 01. November 2018

The EU-funded 5GCroCo project was launched on 1 November 2018. The background of the project is the innovative business potential that results from the offer of networked, cooperative and autonomous mobility services (CCAM) across different national borders. However, the seamless provision of connectivity and the uninterrupted provision of services along borders also poses interesting technical challenges. The situation is particularly challenging when a cross-border layout applies to multiple countries, multiple operators, multiple telecom providers and multiple vehicle OEM scenarios. For this reason, 5GCroCo has brought together a strong consortium from the European automotive and mobile communications industries, with the explicit support of the road authorities and the respective national governments (through letters of support), to develop innovations at the interface of these two industries. The aim is to define a successful way to provide CCAM services along cross-border scenarios and to reduce the uncertainties of a true 5G cross-border deployment. 5GCroCo aims to test 5G technologies in a cross-border corridor linking the cities of Metz-Merzig-Luxembourg and crossing the borders between France, Germany and Luxembourg.

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