Congress & Open ITS test field Day Merzig 2022

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The research group Transport Telematics of the Saarland University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with the city of Merzig organized an exclusive congress under the topic “Mobility without borders” as well as the open test field day in Merzig!

Congress “Mobility without borders”

On April 28 and 29, 2022, a top-class program awaited the participants in the Stadthalle Merzig as part of the congress.

During the welcoming speech, moderator Isabel Sonnabend warmly welcomed all participants to Merzig. The moderator then gave the floor to Prof. Dr. Horst Wieker. Prof. Dr. Wieker emphasized the important significance of the test field and thanked the district town of Merzig for the trusting cooperation that has already existed for years. Mayor Marcus Hoffeld looked forward to the congress with excitement, as this was the first time that a congress with the topic of mobility was held in Merzig.

Prof. Gerd Riegelhuth then gave a presentation on transport infrastructure and autonomous driving, which was followed by a talk on cross-border autonomous mobility by Prof. Dr. Raphael Frank. In addition, Dr. Stefanie Wolff spoke on the topic of “Less traffic. More mobility”. The presentations were rounded off by Franz Schober, who gave a speech on functional safety, and Peter Busch, who explained the topic “SSI and DLT as enablers for new mobility”.

The presentations were followed by a high-level panel discussion before a pleasant evening event heralded the end of the first day of the congress.

On the second day, the participants had the opportunity to gain their own insight into the research projects in Merzig as part of a demo drive. The htw saar offered test drives in vehicles equipped with future technology on a circuit through downtown Merzig.

Open test field day

On April 30, 2022, the “Day of the Open Test Field”, a varied program awaited interested citizens from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Christian-Kretzschmar Platz in Merzig.

“Merzig is an innovative city that actively participates in future developments and thus makes a significant scientific contribution,” said Mayor Marcus Hoffeld, who was pleased that projects and technologies were made tangible for everyone as part of the open test field day.

For Minister President Anke Rehlinger, the open test field day is a confidence signal that we can develop something new. “The goal is to develop research and teaching in such a way that new jobs are created as a result,” explained Rehlinger, who is pleased that research under real conditions is possible at the test field in Merzig.

As a highlight of the event, interested citizens had the opportunity to take part in a demo drive over the test track, which was also made amply use of.

In addition, there was also much to discover on the event grounds. On Kretzschmarplatz, for example, guests were given further insights into research and the study programs at htw saar and also had the opportunity to try out modern forms of mobility. In addition, a supporting program with creative painting and Lego Mindstorms was offered for the children.

In addition, a test drive with an automated vehicle, the topic of bicycle safety and safety of employees in construction sites could be explored on the Baltesplatz.

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