Annual meeting of theologians: Morality and ethics of mobility of the future

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Trier, 02.03.2018

At this year’s annual conference of the Association of Catholic Religious Teachers at Grammar Schools in the Diocese of Trier e.V. under the direction of the chairman StD Patrick Wilhelmy, Silke M. Maringer and Manuel Fünfrocken were allowed to lead a workshop under the title “Moral and Ethics of Mobility of the Future – Automated, Digital, Electric and Inhuman?

The conference was facing the question “No space for god” concerning theology and science.

In addition to the htw saar team, many interesting lecturers were invited. Dr. Josef M. Gaßner gave a lecture on “What does the universe have to do with me? From dust to life” and PD Dr. Patrick Becker, Aachen on “Interpretation of the world in the age of natural sciences: changes in the image of God and man?”.

After the presentations, the following workshops took place:

  • Dr. Erik Schkommodau, Muttenz/CH
    artificial intelligence
  • Silke M. Maringer, M.Sc./Manuel Fünfrocken M.Sc.,htw saar, Saarbrücken:
    Morality and ethics of the mobility of the future – Automated, digital, electric and inhuman?
  • Josef M. Gaßner, Landshut:
    Big Bang – How could everything come out of nowhere?
  • PD Dr. Patrick Becker, Aachen:
    Learn from brain research? Suggestions of neurodidactics
  • Mira Trouvain (Klasse 12), StD Tim Lethen, MPG Saarlouis:
    The ontological proof of God from an informatic point of view
  • StD Jochen Ring, Bonn:
    Human freedom in the field of tension between philosophy and science
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