Competence Region Smart Mobility: Saarland focuses on new mobility

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September 10, 2020

Saarland University of Applied Sciences – htw saar presents Competence Atlas of Smart Mobility in Saarland: the closing event of KoSMoS project (Competence Region Smart Mobility Saarland) took place on September 10, 2020.  

The results of the research project can be found at (in German). They reflect structure, mobility and public acceptance analysis.

Working on the development of ITS Testfield in Merzig (ITeM), we realised the immensity of digital transformation challenges in the transportation sector. An industrial region like Saarland is facing particular challenges in this regard. We think that these should be tackled proactively. The automotive transformation is primarily an opportunity to explore new approaches. KoSMoS shows that Saarland would succeed in this respect only if society, the economy, and information technology join their efforts.

Head of the project Prof. Dr.‑Ing. Horst Wieker

KoSMoS website offers companies and public institutions the opportunity to network and thus create synergies for new projects.

Finally, the researchers propose to develop an own mobility strategy for Saarland that embraces all mobility providers. Such strategy should both take into account global developments and locally understand the dialogue with citizens as as an integral process of goal setting.

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